Monday, January 24, 2011

Nails of the Week (Pic Heavy)

A couple of my 2011 financial goals were to stop impulse and wasteful spending.
Well, looks like that goal is down the drain. Take a peep at this photo:

Ulta is having a mega clearance and of course, I went crazy in there during a recent visit.
Having a coupon and turning in my "Ultamate" rewards points only added fuel to the fire.
The polishes (from left to right) included Revlon's Royal and Silver Dollar, L'Oreal's Queen of Hearts, N.Y.C.'s Fuchsia Shock Creme and Ulta's Socialite.
You would've thought I dipped my fingers in a rainbow last week because I wore a different color every day.
Here are swatches of all the lacquers:

I'm a huge fan of Revlon's new Top Speed polish collection and had been eying Royal for a while. It's been very popular hue throughout the beauty blogosphere and I see why. It's a pretty navy blue, but my only caveat is that it stains really bad. But that's OK. The color payoff and price (at $4) were worth the stains.

This!!!! OMG!! I love Silver Dollar so much!! I currently have this blinding hue on my toe nails. It's such a beautiful metallic polish that kinda looks like I wrapped my nails in tin foil. That's OK though, this lacquer is doing it for me.

And this is a funky fresh mani with Royal and Silver Dollar. Nice, huh?

Oooooooh. Now this polish, called Queen of Hearts, is aptly named because it is a red lacquer that I can get down with. It's a metallic, cherry red that has teeny, gold shimmers in the formula. Normally, I would turn my nose up at reds, but this one caught my attention. I paid about $1.30 for this bottle. Good buy.

Who doesn't like a bubblegum pink polish? Fuchsia Shock Creme isn't my fave pink but it's bubbly and happy and loud and nice. I paid 50 cents for the bottle.

Socialite is my first Ulta polish purchase and my least fave lacquer out of the bunch. Just doesn't do anything for me. Good thing it was only 50 cents.

My poor little phalanges. They're probably asking me what's up with all the polish switches and swatches. Well, they'll be some more in the upcoming days. I picked up some more nail goodies today. What are you currently rocking on your tips and toes?

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