Monday, January 31, 2011

Time for Five: Things I'm Feeling Right Now

Here are five random things (in no particular order) that I'm feeling right now:

1. Oxfords!!!

I'd been craving some oxford shoes like a pregnant woman craving pickles. Luckily, I found a darling pair when I stopped by my local mall's ALDO shoe store. These babies are called Kegerries and set me back $50. Not too bad for style and taste:) You can get them here.

2. My beautiful Indian duppatta (scarf)

My dear friend Poh Si, who I visited in India a couple of years ago, recently sent me this gorgeous duppatta (or scarf) from New Delhi. It has a beautiful floral/paisley design and is big enough to wrap into a skirt, shirt or dress. It's a beauty!

3. French manicures

I used to not like French manicured nails but now, I'm gravitating towards the classic nail style. I really dig the ones that I call "Funky French" nails, which use color to create the French look, instead of the traditional hues of the white tips and pale pink base. The one in the picture above was done with Sally Hansen's Jumping Jade and Sephora's Disco. What a beautiful combination. I'm going to do more of these "Funky French" nails in the future.

4.Dylan's Candy Bar Candy Butter Cream

I got this butter cream from Sephora for $6 a while back. Apparently, the line is being discontinued. What a pity. Not only is this butter cream formulated without parabens, it's made with Vitamin E, Jojoba Seed Oil and Shea Butter. That's why its thick formula has been doing a good job guarding my skin against the brutal winter weather like Julius guards Beyonce. And the butter cream smells so good, just like a strawberry Twizzler. Used this bad boy up in about two weeks. Think I'm gonna pick up another jar.

5. Curls

The most I'll do to my locs is put them up in a ponytail because I can get really lazy with them. But lately, I've been wanting to do more with them so I broke out my box of rod curlers and went to curling! The end result is in the above picture. My curled locs have so much body and personality. They help me feel pretty too:) Going to start wearing my hair curled more often.

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  1. Dylan's Candy Bar Candy Butter Cream - This product is very thick and rich. It isn't tinted pink (like I thought it might be) and is instead white and color-free. A little goes a long way, and it doesn't take a lot of this body butter to moisturize the skin. I use a fairly small amount to moisturize my entire body. I have been using this product daily for a couple of weeks and have used maybe 15% of the product. So if you plan to use this every day, you can probably get a couple of months' worth of use from one tub.