Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NOTD: Sally Hansen's "Jumping Jade" and other things

CVS is having a mega beauty clearance and I picked up a bottle of Sally Hansen's "Jumping Jade" for 75 cents.
It's a dark, shimmery green that's a perfect hue for brutally cold winter months.
It's gorgeous and probably my fave dark green polish color right now.
I've also been using essie's naturally clean polish remover that I got from Ulta for $6.
It does have some acetone in it, but is also infused with eucalyptus oil natural vitamins and antioxidants. This little four ounce bottle is doing the job!!

I also picked up a Sally Hansen nail art pen in gold for $2.
The pen is really nice because it works like a real pen, you just press down on it your lacquer and it writes, I mean paints. I made all kinds of designs on my left hand.
I will definitely buy more of these pens in other colors if i find some more on clearance.
Here's a pic of the designs I made:


  1. I picked up Jumpin Jade and the SH nail pen as well during the CVS sale.

  2. Good stuff Lola! Have you used them yet? I'm thinking about getting another bottle of Jumping Jade. I'm halfway through my first bottle already.