Saturday, April 5, 2014

Using a Dutch Oven

 Using a Dutch Oven has changed my "culinary" life out here. And probably made me pre-Diabetic, too.

   I've grown into a little baker that Betty Crocker would be proud of.
   Sort of.
   I love baked treats and using a Dutch Oven has helped me to enjoy them a bit more often.
   Here's how it works: I put an old tuna can in the middle of a big pot. Then I put my baking dish on the can. The heat creates a convection the circulates and "bakes" the meal.
   It basically works as a double broiler but without the water.
   You can put dirt at the bottom of the pan but I don't because it makes cleanup easier.
Here is a picture of it in action:

This is a peanut butter loaf I made a while back. The pot is sitting on top of an old tuna can. It baked up in about 40 minutes.

The peanut butter loaf was the first thing that I made in the Dutch Oven:
It was OK. Too much peanut butter for my taste.

I also made this vanilla pound cake for my host mother:
It was pretty darn good. Everybody, especially my host mom, loved it.

This whole wheat orange bread was OK:

It was mediocre at best but I didn't burn it so that was the victory!

   The Dutch Oven works great for me because I don't have a conventional stove.
   Cooking time is usually no more than an hour. Clean up is a cinch. And my stomach is always happy:) 


  1. That is such an interesting way to bake. The vanilla pound cake looks delicious!

    1. It is, Crystal, and very simple! It's also a good way to reheat leftovers, too.