Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Poem for Joala (Basotho beer)

A villager is brewing Basotho beer, better known as joala (jwala). Joala tastes mainly sour and bitter. Some versions can be ginger-y and sweet, though. Either way, it is a beloved beverage all over Lesotho.

Note: Joala is the name for beer or alcohol in Lesotho. This poem is dedicated to the country's celebrated beverage.

A Poem for Joala
Come here, sit down,
And give me your ear.
I'd like to tell you,
'bout Basotho beer.

It's bitter and sour,
But sometimes it's sweet.
To all the Basotho,
It's a tasty treat.

They drink it at weddings,
Events and feasts.
Joala is made with,
Their special yeast.

The best I tasted,
Had a sweet ginger base.
It left me so sick,
and laid out on my face.

   Soooooooo, ummmmmmmm...about that last stanza...Riiiiiiiiiight.
   I was on my way to a braai with friends late last year. They had that good joala; that excellent home brew!
   I went: Gulp! Gulp! Gulp! Then, out of nowhere, a Black Mamba grew in my stomach and spit its venom all over the place. Took a while before I felt like a normal person again.
   So, no more home brew joala for me. I'm sticking to filtered water:)


  1. Hi Jennifer! I hope all is well with you! No offense, but that does not look tasty to me. Then again, I don't like any kind of all. Thank you for sharing your experiences in Africa. I've really enjoyed reading about them. =)

    1. Hey Crystal! I'm well and hope you had a nice Easter weekend! The joala pictured wasn't good at all, but the Basotho love it! After getting sick on joala, I've left it alone!