Saturday, March 29, 2014

Take a Stroll Through My Village!

  I love my village for its natural beauty and splendor!
   I love my village.
   It's beautiful and lush and teeming with full aloe plants, hearty peach trees and picturesque mountains and hills. I walk around the village daily to admire its natural splendor. During the summertime, the village is greener than Emerald City.
   Here are some visuals:

I take this pathway when I go on my daily evening walks. 
Rainstorms create these natural water runoffs around my village. 

   A beauty, isn't she? 
   I love nature and always find beauty in peace in it. It's safe to say that my spiritual views are deeply rooted in nature. After all, we're able to breath because of trees and plants, right?
   Here, in my village, I think I've found heaven.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Wow, I've never seen an aloe tree (actually didn't even know it existed). I've learned so much about Lesotho from your pictures and your stay in Africa. Thank you so much for sharing with us. That willow tree looks so relaxing. Just you ever see snakes on your walks? That's all I'd be thinking about while out walking. LOL!

    1. Thanx Crystal! The aloe trees are my faves. There's a Basotho saying that says when you see the aloe trees, you are home! The willow tree is also another of my faves. I do worry about snakes but saw only one- a dead one after a heavy rain storm a few months ago.