Monday, April 14, 2014

Cute Animal Overload!! (World Wise Post)

My host brother loves (terrorizing) little animals. Here, he's determined to pull this poor pig's tail.

This blog post is part of a series of activities that I'm doing for the Peace Corps' World Wise program. The program links Basotho and American schools through various activities such as blogs like this one and friendly letters.

   Lesotho is an agricultural society which can only mean one thing: cute animal overload!
   My students own and see lots of cute animals here in Lesotho. Case in point:

I passed these cute little piglets while visiting another volunteer a while ago:

These 'lil piggly wigglies inspired this blog post!

Can't run. Can't hide:
I've seen plenty of donkeys here but never tied up like this! Basotho use donkies to carry large sacks of maize meal up and down the mountain communities they live in.

My family's cat just keeps on having kittens!
They are the cutest little things. My host mother feeds them papa and milk.

There was something in the water for a while at my house because every animal was popping out babies!
Love this baby goat! She kept running away when I tried to snap her picture, though.

This is the family dog, Lion:
He really is a lion. Just comes up in my house without knocking and stuff. No manners at all, lol. I love is courage.

Here is baby goat with its mama:
    Many of my students and volunteers own domestic animals like dogs, cats and even chickens.
   I don't.
   Animals are the gateway to parenthood and I'm only just only trying to feed my mouth right now, thank you very much:)
  But, as long as I live here, I'll continue to bask in the tenderness of cute animals.

  Which animal was your favorite? Is there anything more specific you'd like to know? Please let me know. I'd be happy to answer your questions.


  1. I loved all the animals. My favorites were the baby piglets.

    1. @Inspired Canvas: Thanks for stopping by. I also loved the baby piglets. How cute are they?!