Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NOTD: Notebook Nails!!! Oh Yeah!!

Hi there!

Hope you're well!
What better way to celebrate a happy back to school than with an inspired mani!
Thanks to the lovely cutepolish on Youtube, I have notebook nails for you!
Check out her video:

And here's my version:
Notebook nails!! 

As a writer, I got a kick out of this mani!
As always, it was easy!
I used Wet n Wild's White Creme as a base, then drew on the lines using Sally Hansen's All Fired Up and Model Behavior.
I didn't feel like drawing anything on the "pages" because I was tired and went to sleep shortly after doing that but who knows, maybe I'll try that next time.
Another fun mani. What will I try next? LOL.

What do you think? What's on your tips and toes? How are you doing?

FTC Disclosure: I paid for the products with my own funds.


  1. One day I will get adventurous. I sure have enough polish to get adventurous with. LOL I like this one. I definitely can do this one. I have Orly's Buried Alive on my toes. Nothing on my tips at the moment. I did have a skittles mani of my recently acquired new polishes but I took it off. Finally started a blog...only one entry so far. Hoping I'll be able to keep it up. LOL

  2. You should. There are too many designs out there for you to try, Crystal! That's a pretty color and looks perfect for fall. Congrats on the blog! What's the link so I can follow you and check it out?

    1. Just click on my name and my blog comes up. I have no clear direction for my blog...I'll just be rambling about stuff. LOL

    2. OK, I'm following you and have favorited you! Yay! So happy for you!! Congrats again!!!