Thursday, March 18, 2010

Weekly Glamarazzi Round-Up

Edited By: Iggi
It's "Glamarazzi" roundup time and this particular roundup is filled with fab links... From spring makeup suggestions to sunglasses that will cost you almost a year's salary to Beyonce/Telephone inspired "Get The Look". Week after week Glamarazzi gets bigger and better and I am so thrilled. I realized today that we have bloggers from various countries, yep...Glamarazzi is global. So whether you're in Tibet or Texas, New York or the Netherlands, new members are always welcome to request membership. You can find out how to do HERE

Make-up/Music/Money/Me reviews Lush Mint Chocolate Bar Soap
Diary of a Style Addict recreates Honey B.'s look in Lady Gaga's Telephone video
Choosing the Right foundation: Makeup By Kim Porter teaches you how. Priceless advice.
Obsession Isn't Just A Perfume: Get all the gorgeous colors of spring in one makeup palette.
Her Goody Bag's Designer Spotlight: Cody Sai
Purging is good...when you're purging your makeup stash. ProjectDanielle lets you know when its time to toss it.
Sometimes there's a downside to being a newer makeup when you're looking for new mascara and lip products. Any recommendations for LiAnn at Sparklecrack Central?
Hot Beauty Health ask her readers "would you use kool aid hair dye?"
$27,000 sunglasses? $15,000 garter and suspenders? Yup. Glamour Whore thinks you're worth it.

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