Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beauty at Your Desk

While I'm typing away at work, I mainly use a bottle of yes to carrots hand and elbow cream that sits on my desk.
I don't like the smell very much but it works pretty well after I wash my hands or use the lemon hand sanitizer that the cream sits next to.
Plus, the cream was free. Can't go wrong there, right?
There's also a berry lipstick on my desk just in case I need a berry lipstick (because you never know when you'll need berry lipstick, right? Lol.)
The third beauty item on my desk is a small, cheap nail file.
I keep this around because I always seem to get a snag or break on my nails.
Those are all the beauty items on my desk.
What are you working with? What kinds of products do you have on your desk? What do you use while you're at work?

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