Friday, October 31, 2014

You’re a Peace Corps Volunteer If... (Part 7)

You're definitely a Peace Corps Volunteer if you've had many troubles with the telecommunications company Vodacom, or should I say, VodaCON!!

1.    If you think Vodacom’s name should be changed to VodaCON! (Vodacom is a telecommunications provider out here that many volunteers get their phone and Internet service through. Their service sucks!)
2.      If you think Vodacom should be sued for horrible customer service.
3.      If, like me, you can’t just stand Vodacom!
4.      If you get offended if a Mosotho doesn’t greet you after you’ve greeted them. (Greetings are very important here.)
5.      If you have absolutely no shame eating the same exact thing for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack.
6.      If you smell like a Peace Corps Volunteer.
7.      If you smell like village.
8.      If using a public latrine is an art form akin to ballet or gymnastics.
9.    If your host mother gets super excited when she sees you sweeping inside —and outside – your house.
10.  If it’s ever a bad day when you forget to put your solar charger in the sun – and it actually was sunny outL.


  1. Re: No 8-You've just brought back memories of that latrine at the Motsekoua kombi rank. Thanks. :P

    1. Hey Maria! I always feel like I'm never flexible and fit enough to use a public latrine. I will NOT miss those places when I leave here.