Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Importance of the Cow in Basotho Culture

Cows are very important to the Basotho people.

   Many cultures revere the cow and the Basotho people are one of them.
   They use all parts and products of the cow, its milk, meat and skin.
   Here are some examples:

-They smear cow dung on their houses to decorate them.

-The cow's tail is often used for brooms, baskets and musical instruments.

-Naturally, the cow is used in farming, as Lesotho is an agricultural society.

-The Basotho shield on the Lesotho flag is of a cow's skin.

-The skin is used for traditional clothing.

-The cow is a vital part of marriage negotiations and arrangements. A man must pay lebola of 26 cows to the bride's family.

   Re chabana sa khomo. That means "We are the people of the cow" in Sesotho, Lesotho's Mother Tongue.
   As you can see, that statement is true. The cow is essential to Basotho life, it is truly an animal of the people.

Information Source: The Morija Museum  and Archives

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