Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Poem for Popcorn! Yay!

My host sister, Rethabile is enjoying some popcorn.

NOTE: A lot of the children in the village where I live in love popcorn. So does my host family. I'm always popping a fresh batch for everybody so I thought it'd be cute to write a cute little poem about this experience so here goes:

A Poem for Popcorn

I love to make good popcorn,
For the children on my block.
When they hear that pop, pop, pop,
What they're doing stops.

They smell the butter; hear the sizzle,
Of the kernel corns.
They come around my little hut,
So glad that they were born.

When the popcorn's done,
I'll gladly share my stash.
The greedy little gobblins,
Eat it up; it doesn't last.

In my village no snack beats,
The love of fresh corn popped.
It tops potato chips,
And even lollipops!

By Jennifer Jiggetts