Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hey everyone.

As usual, I hope you're all doing well!

Today is officially my last day spending time with my family and friends. It's a very bittersweet day.
I've gotten used to sleeping in, feeding my face with every baked good known to man, and just goofing off with my loved ones.
I'm going to miss these days but I am thankful for the time well spent, the memories made and the long, hot showers.
Tomorrow, I leave for my Peace Corps orientation in Philly. On Thursday, I fly to Africa. I should get there by Friday.
I'm excited and nervous.
Excited for this new chapter in my life that was just a dream that I conjured up several years ago.
Nervous because I know what to expect, but then again, I really don't know what to expect.
Woo sah. Woo sah.
I've prepared as much as I can.
Wrapped my mind around the fact that I'll likely be peeing in the same bucket that I'll be bathing in. 
Wrapped my mind around the fact that I won't get to watch my juicy reality TV shows like "Honey Boo Boo" and "Fashion Police."
Wrapped my mind around the fact that I won't get to indulge in my sweet, little, precious cupcakes every single day.
But, I'll still get to do my nails! w00t! w00t!
I've already shipped some nail polish and supplies to Africa and am taking about five bottles with me.
And, I'll get to make a significant difference in a developing country by working with the poorest of the poor, my passion and dream since I visited India three years ago.
I can't express to God and the universe how thankful I am for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
And thank you all for your support, kind words and well wishes. I'll miss you all.
Come visit me if you can, and send me care packages so I'll know that you really love me:)

Hugs and kisses,


P. S. I won't have Internet or a cell phone for the next three months or so, but I'll post when the Internet becomes available. Be patient with the blog and keep me on your prayer lists. O, and eat a cupcake for me whenever you can:) 


  1. Wishing you all the best, Jennifer! What a life changing experience this will be for you and for the the lives you will be helping. I'll definitely keep you on my blogroll, awaiting an update. I will probably be the worst pen pal, but I'll try to write to you! LOL :) I don't eat a lot of cupcakes, but if I do, I will have one in your honor. :) Safe travels!

  2. Hey Crystal! I'm so excited for my African adventure! Thanks so much for your support and keep up with your blog. Write when you can, if you can. I'd really appreciate that. And if you don't do cupcakes, have some M&Ms. Or some cheesecake. I don't discriminate when it comes to my sweets!