Saturday, October 20, 2012

Greetings from Africa!!

Short post today.
I'm in an Internet cafe in Lesotho's capital city, Maseru, and my time is about to run out.
Things have been going pretty well since I arrived in Africa last week.
I've been in and out of language classes, safety and security training and medical sessions. My poor brain's fried but it's for a good reason:)
The food's been pretty tasty. Been eating mainly veggies and chicken. And I've been drinking lots of tea and filtered water.
I have no Internet access in the village so I won't be able to respond for another two months or so, when I get to my permanent site.
That said, Happy Turkey Day, Christmas and New Year! It'll be a while before you hear from me.
Be blessed, be safe and stay thankful.
O, and keep painting your nails and eating cupcakes for me:)

Hugs and kisses,


P.S. Please excuse any spelling errors. O, and my African name is Lerato. It means love:)


  1. Hi Jennifer! Glad to know you made it to Africa safe and sound. Since it will be two months before we hear from you again...Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!! I really like your African name and meaning...very pretty. Take care!

  2. Miss your posts, lady! Glad to hear you made it there safe and sound and are doing well (albeit busy busy busy). My thoughts are with you! Looking forward to your next update! Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year! xx

  3. Thanks ladies! I miss regularly e-talking to you but please know that I am doing well. My nails are fly too! Happy holidays to you as well! Hugs and kisses from Africa!!