Monday, December 27, 2010

Santana's first album is rocking my world!

The last record that completely blew my mind was Santana’s 1969 debut album.
I’m awed by the album’s musicianship, song arrangements and of course, lead singer Carlos Santana’s godly guitar skills.
There’s no doubt that the album is a classic that cemented Santana as a behemoth in the music industry.
“Santana,” which has the most awesome album cover ever (how many lion faces can you count?), is just stellar.
Excuse my ignorance here but I’ve heard “Evil Ways” so many times but didn’t know Santana sang that tune!
From the pulsating drums in the opening number, to the volcano hot guitar rifts in “Persuasion,” the music is just stellar.
My faves include “Jingo,” a song that’s so titillating that you have to shimmy your bum bum.
I also heart the last song on the track, “Soul Sacrifice.”It’s a tune in which the band sings no words, they just play. And play they do.
The Cuban/African vibes percolating from the instruments do the gabbing.
I got this record as a going-away-gift from a former co-worker and it has become one of my fave records of all time.
I may be “Tardy for the Party,” in discovering Santana, but you better believe I won’t be leaving the festivities anytime soon.

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