Thursday, November 11, 2010

facial cleansers

I've been using these products to keep my skin refreshed and even.

Water. Fresh produce. Good spirits.
My skin has been looking really good these days and I'm sure it can be attributed to the above reasons.
But the products that I've recently started using have also been helping my face look it's best.
In the morning, I wash my face with fresh soy cleanser. It's about $15 and you can get it from Sephora.
After that, I add some khadi rose water that I got during my India trip last year.
I finish my morning facial cleansing ritual with Shea Moisture's shea butter, which gives me a nice, natural glow.
At night, I follow the same routine but I use philosophy's facial cleanser. I also get this from Sephora for about $20.
I've also been using Freeman's Mega 8 Complex Superfruits facial mask,which uses natural antioxidants to purify and detoxify skin.
Feels like my face has been given an new lease on life. It's even, bright toned and fresh.

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