Friday, August 27, 2010

Bass guitar lessons are going smoothly...

So I've been practicing my bass guitar faithfully since I bought it last month.
It's kind of cool.
Actually, it's kind of funky!
I'm still pumped up about it and just as eager to master the playing techniques.
I started taking lessons a couple of weeks ago at a popular independently-owned Virginia Beach music store called Alpha Music.
My instructor's name is Damien and he's a pretty nice guy.
He was very patient with me, especially since I'm learning this thing for scratch.
Damien said that he also learned to play the bass guitar from scratch that gave me some hope about my abilities because he was in there slappin' like Larry Graham.
So far, my playing is OK-at least by my standards.
Honestly, all I know how to play is "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."
That and the "Major Scale."
Those are the two songs that Damien gave me to practice.
I'm supposed to "master" them before my next lesson and I think I'll pass that homework assignment.
Another thing with this bass guitar is that I've heard from a few people that I need to cut my nails in order to play bass.
Damien said I didn't have to but I did because I spent all that money on the bass guitar and didn't want to mess up the strings, or my nails.
Damien also said that my fingers would be a little sore after flicking the strings. I haven't experienced that yet; maybe I haven't been playing enough!

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