Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meet Geneva, my new bass guitar:)

OK, it took a looooong time, but I finally bought my first bass yesterday!!
It's a black, four-string Ibanez that's not too big and not too small and lighter than most basses that I've tried.
I'm naming her after my mother, Geneva.
Geneva costed me about $200; the amp and other supplies were about $100.
It was money well spent.
It's been my dream for the past year since listening to a lot of Betty Davis and Chaka Khan to learn to play the bass from scratch and I'm well on my way with this purchase.
My first lesson is in a couple of weeks but until then, I'll have to settle for Youtube tutorials and Bootsy Collins' Funk University.
I'm so excited to learn to play the bass.
My father, who died exactly two years ago today, would also be happy at my new hobby:)
I'll update yall on my progress.

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