Saturday, September 6, 2014

Random Musings about food!!

   Picture me climbing up the stairs, walking toward the end of the plank and I jumping off the diving board into a pool of lukewarm curry.
   Crazy, right?
   Well, sometimes food makes me go insane, especially if it’s good food or things I like to snack on.
   There are a few eateries and foodstuffs that have made me lose my marbles here in Lesotho. Here they are:

Regal Indian food:
Nothing tastes as good as Indian food in India but Regal is as good as it gets here in Lesotho.  It’s a pretty expensive restaurant for a Peace Corps stipend ($15 for a full course meal) but it’s worth it. Their mango lassi smoothie is worth diving into, too.

Ice Guava: 
OK, this is my crack cocaine in the summer time here. It’s the perfect cold treat to have on a steamy day, or any day. Or everyday. And it costs roughly 35 cents.

‘M’e Malesia’s: 
A good friend introduced me to this eatery in my camptown. For $1.50, you get all of this food: greens, rice, chicken, beets, and/or whatever’s on the menu for the day. I always leave an empty plate.

Robertson’s Wine: 
  I fell in lurve with these little box wines (judge me). They’re the perfect serving and they’re so cute. I just wanna wuv ém and hug ém and kiss all over them like they’re little wittle babiesJ.

   One day, I was in the checkout line at one of my fave stores in town and saw a display of Oreos. Oreos? Oreos! I was so excited. Don’t even eat Oreos in America but here, they made me go crazy in a way that only food can do!


  1. I LOVE Guava and all things food! My mouth is watering now. I guess I'll have to eat this oatmeal that sits in front of me! :)

    1. If you love guava, Janice, then you'll really love that guava ice treat. It's my fave during the summertime. Oatmeal is cool too, as long as you hook it up.