Friday, December 28, 2012

My Happy New Year Post!

The view of my new village, Ha Rametseliso (Ha Rah-met-seh-dee-so), from the top of the mountain I live on.

Hey everyone!

I trust that your holiday season has been joyous, loving, happy and merry.
Mine has been.
Had a very quiet, but beautiful Christmas. (I stayed in the village and gave small gifts to my host family.)
And I'm hoping to have a very slightly bubbly New Year's:)
Since the move to my new village about two weeks ago, I've settled-in, and spend a lot of time getting to know my new host family and village.
My days are spent reading, playing with my host brothers and taking in my scenic, lush village. I'm also still learning the language and meeting the villagers.
At night, I write, read some more, and surprise surprise, paint my beautiful nail beds.
It sure is nice to have a break. Lord knows I needed it after PST.
I start teaching Jan. 28 so until then, I will enjoy my time and try to blog a little bit more often (when I can get to the Internet cafe in town.)
Have a happy, prosperous New Year.

Much love,


P.S. My new African name is Ausi Lerato Tsiane (See-ah-nee). I decided to keep the first name that my pre-service training host mother gave me and am taking the last name of my current host family. 


  1. I'm loving these views of Africa. You are so lucky, Jennifer! How is the teaching going?

  2. Hey Crystal. Yes, being here is a blessing! The teaching is going well. I'm getting much better. The children started off laughing at my accent but they're getting used to me. Going to write about my teaching experience soon. Thanks for always stopping by and supporting my blog! Hugs and kisses to you!