Monday, May 17, 2010

Product Review: N.Y.C. mascara

Rite Aid always has some good clearances on make-up.
I recently scooped up a tube of N.Y.C. mascara for about $1 because it was on clearance.
Here are the details on this mascara:

Name: N.Y.C. waterproof mascara in brownish black

Claim: "Lush lashes with staying power! N.Y.C. waterproof mascara lengthens and curls lashes with swim-proof, rain proof, cry-proof color. Professional-style applicator brush separates and defines lashes for maximum volume, maximum impact!"

Game: I noticed a little bit of clumpage going on after application but it did extend my lashes and stay on most of the day. It was kind of hard for me to apply the mascara to my bottom lashes. Overall, this is a simple, cheap mascara that I like. I'm keeping this in my pocketbook for the next three months.

This is what my lashes looked like before application:

This is what they looked like after one coat of the mascara:

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