Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My recent Mary Kay demo

When I lived in New York as a pre-teen, my adoptive mother sold Mary Kay items on the side.
I remember when the products first arrived at our Bronx house.
There were boxes of all sizes all over the living room.
Lotions. Creams. Nail polishes. Lip sticks.
You named it, it was there.
Too bad I wasn't into beauty products then.
That's why it was a pleasure to have a Mary Kay consultant give me a complimentary product demonstration last week.
Me and Victoria Shirah, an independent beauty consultant with Mary Kay, first met at a local Target.
I was trying to figure out which bag of potato chips to buy. Little did I know, she was scoping out my skin.
Victoria came up to me and asked what products I used on my face.
Then she asked me for my contact information for upcoming Mary Kay events and deals.
Not long after, she called and said I won a free product demo.
w00t! w00t!
She came to my apartment last week and told me about the company and some of its products:

Here's her demo. kit spread:

I got to try Mary Kay's Satin Hands kit:

It made my hands soft and silky:

Victoria's compact:

I also tried some Eyesicles shadow. Here's a before picture:

And after:

And here's the lovely Victoria:

My favorite products were the Satin Hands items and Eyesicles shadow, which I will order and review soon.
If you're interested in buying Mary Kay items, contact Victoria Shirah at or visit her website at

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