Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beauty products you grew up with...

The other day, I was thinking about beauty products I grew up using. I wasn't as loyal to brands and heavily into as products like I am now, but I still had my favorites. Here are a few that I grew up loving:

Vaseline: You couldn't go wrong with petroleum jelly in my house. My adoptive mother would slather so much of this all over my body, that me and my siblings would joke each other for having shiny faces. Even though my family used the GIGANTIC jar, it seemed like we always ran out of Vaseline. I used it as a lip balm, hair shield when I got relaxers and skin moisturizer. I was so glad when I stopped using this greasy stuff.

ChapStick: This was the second product I religiously applied to my kisser. The first was Vaseline, of course. But I liked the simplicity of ChapStick. There was nothing extra about it. For a little tube of ChapStick, it just was. And it was only 99 cents. Like forgetting a cell phone, I felt naked when I left the home without my tube of ChapStick.

Avon deodorant: I used to get excited when a new Avon booklet came out. In addition to their lip stuff, I heavily used their deodorants. My adoptive mother would spend like $20 on these little bottles of their deodorants. Avon had them in various kinds. I was always an athlete so they worked for a little while. Then somewhere in high school, I lost interest in them. That's when I switched to Secret deodorant.

Lip Smackers: I used to be obsessed with Lip Smackers!!! I loved the flavors and the packaging. I always used to wonder how in thee heck someone could "make" Dr. Pepper and Sprite-flavored chap stick. I used to always lick my lips after putting them on. Whenever I got extra money, it went straight towards a tube of Lip Smackers.

What were some beauty products you grew up with??? What were your fave products??

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