Saturday, September 7, 2013

Excercising in Lesotho

   Every morning, I wake up at the crack of dawn, meet my trainer at the bottom of the hill and we go running in the valley until the sun rises.
   Who needs a trainer when you LIVE on a mountain??!!
   I many not have a treadmill here but I unconsciously use my surroundings as a gym.
   Case in point:

I walk up this mountain to get in and out of my village:

My host sister is getting ready to climb the "slope" here with my host brother. Sometimes, I carry my groceries up the mountain. Call me lazy but I have to take breaks while going up because I get tired.

My host mother's water pump works thee hell out of my arms:

Sometimes I get lazy and make the kids pump my water.

Walking around the village is a workout in and of itself:

I'm a walker so I like to go for random walks through my village. I see a lot of beauty here.

   Now, there are a couple of gyms in the capital and at a few hotels around the country.
   But why should I pay when I can use Mother Nature to help keep me in shape?
   I've lost about 15 pounds since I've been here, and I haven't even been trying to lose weight!
   But who's complaining, especially when I don't need Billy Blanks in my village to keep me toned.


  1. Hey lady! Been enjoying keeping up with your posts and seeing all your pictures. Love the updates and seeing that everything is going great for you!! xx

    1. Hey lady! How have you been? What's new? Thanks so much for stopping by and checking my blog out. I really appreciate it! Thanks for your well wishes. Hugs and kisses!

  2. Jen - Wonderful blog. Love the entries, your sense of humor, your nail polish collection, your art work, your photos. We reviewed this blog for Friends of Lesotho Sept 2013 Newsletter, a publication for past PCVs who've walked in your shoes. Thanks for sharing. Send me your e-mail.

    1. Hi Madeline! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words. My e-mail is Warmest regards!