Saturday, August 10, 2013

Improvising in Lesotho

I live a very simple life here.
There is no air conditioner. Or unlimited cell phone service. And I use the computer twice a month.

But you better believe I'm surviving without the small luxuries I had in America.
Here are some "substitutes" that I use to make up for the losses of some very convenient American appliances:

The sky acts as my "television set." This cloud totally looks like a UFO, though. No? LOL:

Most Basotho burn their trash in huge steel tins like the one pictured below, so this is my "garbage truck," or better yet, my "incinerator":

These basins serve as both my "bathtubs" and my "washing machines:" 

This clothing line acts as my "drying machine" and a volleyball net:

This water pump is my "faucet," or my "kitchen sink":


   See, life here ain't so bad.
   I've got to admit, though, there was a slight adjustment to go from the comfort and ease of using American appliances and conveniences to doing things such as peeing in a bucket and not a toilet.
   But I've gotten used to the swing of things here-and the lifestyle.
   Learning to improvise here in Lesotho has taught me to appreciate simplicity.

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